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Why Your Rheumatology Practice’s Website Should Have a Blog 

Why Your Rheumatology Practice’s Website Should Have a Blog 

Your rheumatology practice’s website is the digital reflection of your business. Basically, it’s the first impression you make on prospective patients. Usually, it’s the portal through which they discover you, and obtain any information they seek. In addition, a website created and maintained by a professional agency will feature pages through which patients can schedule appointments, make payments, submit paperwork and more. Another indispensable resource for your website (and patients) is a blog.  Some may consider blogging inappropriate or irrelevant for rheumatology practices. However, this is a serious misconception. In this post, we’ll discuss why your rheumatology practice’s website should have a blog and the benefits that come with it.  Keep reading to find out more.   

Show Your Humanity 

  Sure, we take comfort in our medical providers being professional and competent. However, nowadays, consumers (and patients) prefer to think of the people behind their favorite products, services and medical care as human beings. We’re no longer conditioned to prefer rigid, cold, robotic and hyper-professional personalities in rheumatology practices. Rather, the vast majority of modern patients are eager to see the humanity behind the doctors and nurses caring for them.  That’s one of the benefits that blogging affords you and your staff. A blog is an excellent way to show your patients a new and refreshing side of your practice. Also, it gives you the opportunity to discuss virtually any topic and update your patients consistently, all in a way that isn’t so rigidly formal.  Not only can you share information as often as you like, but you can also let your audience see the personalities and team dynamics of your staff. Let them see the individual qualities of each staff member, the fun side of your practice and proceed as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. You can be informative and knowledgeable without sacrificing fun. Obviously, make sure you’re aware of potential HIPAA violations and maintain your position as a rheumatology expert. 

Establish Your Authority & Expertise 

  Of course, your patients schedule appointments and put their trust in you for one essential reason: you’re the expert. And it’s important to keep in mind that your patients are looking for answers and specific information about rheumatology. By regularly sharing blog posts addressing specific rheumatological issues, you can establish a position of expertise that enhances your patients’ confidence in you. With that confidence comes trust.  If you’re unsure which topics you should be writing about, start writing down any frequently-asked questions your patients might ask you during appointments. Keep a list on hand, and those questions can become lucrative topics for blog post content. Also, those posts can be excellent ways to address your patients’ collective concerns in one central source. Another helpful tactic to keep your blog consistently fresh is to create a content calendar and pre-plan your posts. Maintaining a regular output of blog posts is essential - don’t share less than two blog posts a month if you want optimal visibility online.   

Increase Your Organic Traffic  

  Blogs are one of the most essential tools when it comes to search engine optimization, or “SEO.” The more blog posts you create, the more pages you have for major search engines to index. These regular additions to your website have positive effects on your incoming organic traffic. Search engines like Google automatically evaluate your website to assess any new content you may have published. And each blog post you publish signals to these search engines that your page is consistently active and growing.  Not only is this incredibly effective when it comes to increasing traffic, but it also means that anyone searching for rheumatology services nearby will discover your website before they find your competitors’. Visibility within the first page of search results is almost priceless in its profitability. A prominent position on Google is effectively guaranteed to deliver a colossal surge in revenue.     

Conclusion - Rheumatology Web 

  Ultimately, the very best blogs are written by passionate and knowledgeable writers. And the benefits that a simple blog can provide are absolutely worth the effort - but you don’t have to put in the work yourself. At Rheumatology Web, we consistently optimize websites for rheumatology practices and maintain blogs on their behalf. Our services are available exclusively for the benefit of rheumatology practices, and blogs are creative outlets that we use to cultivate your digital presence and attract users to your site. We work to ensure your website’s blog is an effective marketing tool, a source of useful information and a means of solidifying your reputation as a knowledgeable and expert caregiver.  Contact Rheumatology Web today to discuss your blog.   

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